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Baby Iceberg Lettuce, UAE, 75g

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Krispr Farm Fresh Crunchy Baby Iceberg Lettuce, UAE Grown, 75g


Experience the ultimate crunch with Krispr Farm Fresh Baby Iceberg Lettuce, cultivated in our state-of-the-art vertical farm in the UAE. Krispr Baby Iceberg Lettuce is a testament to our commitment to delivering freshness, taste, and nutritional value. Known for its crispy texture and refreshing taste, Baby Iceberg Lettuce is a versatile staple that adds a delightful crunch to any meal. Grown pesticide-free, it is not only a

healthier choice but also rich in vitamins A and C, making it perfect for a balanced diet. With Krispr's innovative farming techniques, you can enjoy this crisp lettuce all year round, adding a burst of freshness to your kitchen.

Why Krispr Baby Iceberg Lettuce?
  • Peak Crunchiness: Known for its signature crisp texture, perfect for refreshing salads and wraps.
  • Nutrient Content: Offers a good source of vitamins A and C, contributing to overall health and wellness.
  • Locally Produced: Proudly cultivated in the UAE without the use of pesticides, ensuring unmatched freshness and quality.
  • Meal Enhancer: Its mild flavor and crunch make it an ideal base or addition to a variety of dishes.
  • Sustainably Farmed: Grown using cutting-edge vertical farming methods, aligning with our environmental commitment.
  • Year-Round Availability: Reliable farming practices ensure a steady supply of Baby Iceberg Lettuce throughout the year.

Benefits of Krispr Baby Iceberg Lettuce:
  • Elevated Wellness: A healthy addition to your diet, rich in essential vitamins for improved vitality.
  • Culinary Versatility: The perfect ingredient for creating crisp salads, wraps, or adding texture to sandwiches.
  • Eco-Friendly Choice: Supports sustainable agriculture and low water wastage with every purchase.
  • Daily Nutrient Boost: An easy way to incorporate wholesome greens into your diet, supporting overall health.
  • Pure and Fresh: Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from our 'Beyond Organic' practices, offering clean, pesticide-free greens.

Brand Promise:

At Krispr, we are dedicated to transforming your culinary landscape with farm-fresh produce like our Crunchy Baby Iceberg Lettuce, fostering a lifestyle that is healthier, greener, and smarter. By choosing Krispr, you not only get to savor the highest quality produce but also support practices that are kind to the earth and conducive to your wellbeing. Our Baby Iceberg Lettuce, sustainably grown and carefully delivered from our farm to your home, exemplifies our 'Food for Good' philosophy, ensuring that each meal is a step towards a sustainable and health-conscious future.

Embrace the Krispr way of life with our Baby Iceberg Lettuce and join us on our journey towards a sustainable, health-conscious future. Quick and convenient delivery is just an order away, promising peak freshness with every bite.

Ready for the crisp, refreshing experience of Krispr Baby Iceberg Lettuce? Add this crunchy, nutritious lettuce to your cart and embark on a journey with Krispr towards a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. Begin your adventure in wellness and taste today.

AED 10.99

Key Features

GMO - Free and 100% VeganHigh content of fiber, vitamins, minerals and water.

So much to choose from - all plant power.

Enjoy fresh, beyond organic kale, lettuce and other greens year round!

So much to choose from - all plant power.

Enjoy fresh, beyond organic kale, lettuce and other greens year round!